Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Ham has taken over the computer

Hey Guys - don't tell MamaHam but the Baby Ham has taken over the computer tonight. Let me tell you about my day. I went to see good old Dr. Tipton today for my 9 month checkup, even though I'm not 9 months until Friday. You know MamaHam, she has to do things right on time or in this case a couple of days early.

So, first the nurse weighed me, totally not interested in laying still on that table, I mean really people, you guys have Ms. Vicki my Occupational Therapist who comes to play with me, oh I mean "teach" me how to get myself moving and now that I'm rolling all over the place like a hot potato you want me to stay still! Please! So, I weigh 20 lbs 8 oz and I am measuring 28 inches. That's right ladies, stand in line cause I have some cute little cheeks that need squeezing!

Next, that Nurse came back and stuck my finger, she was really young and I think right out of school because she looked scared to death. I was thinking to myself, no worries, girlfriend, I'm a pro at this, you can't hurt this Baby Ham. She sucked a little blood from me and I just looked at her and tried to pull her hair. Ha! Take that, Nurse Lady.

Than, good old Doc. Tipton came in. So now I'm thinking come on Doc what you got for me this time? Been a while since I seen you - and to tell you the truth, I haven't missed you, not one bit. He checked me out, listened to my heart, pulled on my legs, got inside my mouth - wait a minute dude, I've got two teeth now, don't get close because I will bite you like Cujo. He said I was perfect, well duh, we all know that, MamaHam tells me that all the time....I'm her perfect little gift from God. So he gave me 2 shots and all he got from me was a little pouty lip. I'm tellin you people, I'm tough, your little finger prick and shots??? Ha! That's nothing, I have had my stomach slit from one side to the other - I can take it, bring it on....

So it's all good, I'm doing good and still proving all the doctors wrong. Hey, Dr. Troyer, if your reading this - I showed you huh??? I'm here, I'm alive and I'm kicking!

Here is a little video MamaHam took of me today....I'm cute, huh???

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! Adorable!