Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decisions to be made...

Today we met with the Nephrologist and Urologist to go over the study that was performed last week. The Nephrologist said that because he has so much hydro in both kidneys she is not able to see the "meat" of the kidney to determine how much damage has been done. They have advised us that another procedure must be done soon to releave the pressure that is building up in his kidneys. He has Stage V Vesicoureteral Reflux.

We have two options, one has a 98% change of working but may cause serioius damage to the ureters that were reconstructed back in April. This surgery is very serious and will likely put him in the hospital for a couple of weeks. The second option is less invasive and will not impact his urerters at all but only has a 90% change of working.

So....what do we do? We have prayed about it and have decided that will go with the less invasive surgery and pray that the odds are for us this time. Our thought is that if doesn't work we will have a Plan B because if go to Plan B first we won't have another option.

I asked the doctor if we should schedule this in the next couple of months and he feels like it needs to be as soon as possible so I'm hoping that they don't schedule us before Christmas! That would stink 'cause I want this little Santa home with me this Christmas!


Diana Bleu said...

how many times did they do this kind of surgery on children? sounds to me, they are giving you alot of tech terms, and not really discussing "risk" with you, just my personal opinion.. we also have Vesicoureteral Reflux. BUT for us.. the kidney function is stable? are they giving you a creatine level? do you mind e-mailing me or adding me onto facebook? I'm trying to figure out if we are in the same situation or if you all are worse off?? sounds like it sometimes, but other times.. i'm thinking just not enough information is being shared with you?? applelaces@yahoo.com is my e-mail i will share more info with you, i dont use yahoo IM anymore for personal reasons.

Laura aka Mama Ham said...

Diana - his kidney function is stable and creatine is good .8. When he was born it was 1.8 so we have come a long way. The procedure we have decided on is Deflux. Very easy procedure. We have done a lot of research and feel confident in our choice. You can look me up on facebook and I will accept your invite...laura meyer hamilton.

Diana Bleu said...

thanks, will look you up.. we are at .5 been stable i guess since age 2, when mine was born she was at 1.5 so i'm thinking we are in the same boat just slightly different. I will add you onto facebook name i use here is a pen name. Will talk more.. and hopes to ease your mind. Sounds like you are making good choices for your family.. i just always worry about people since i know it can just happen now at random.