Monday, February 22, 2010

Deflux Surgery.....NOT!!!

Today was Ethan's Deflux Surgery. We arrived at the hospital at 6:15 am this morning. Here is Ethan in his cute Cars PJs in the waiting room of the hospital.

We talked with the anesthesiologist and nurses and went over all of Ethan's history and medical information. His Urologist came in and reminded us that this surgery only had a 90% chance of working and that once he was under anesthesia he would "go in" and look to see if his anatomy would be up for the procedure. Because of Ethan's hypotonia and position of his kidneys, ureters and bladder we knew that they may not be able to do the surgery.

This time was VERY hard to hand him over to the nurse because he "understood" what what was going on and is very much a Mommy's Boy right now. He was able to take his binky and blanket in with him.

The above picture was taken right before they took him in. He kicked, screamed and called for his Dadda all the way down the hall. I went into the bathroom and cried my eyes out. It was horrible. This is the 5th surgery and it NEVER gets any easier!

After an hour his Urologist came in and told us the news......he was not able to do the surgery. His anatomy would not allow it so our next step is the more invasive double ureter reimplantation. We are not sure when it will be but know that he will be in the hospital for about a week and will have a more difficult recovery than we had anticipated.

Here he is with his Dadda waking up from the procedure.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I've added a link from my blog to this post: http://ureteralreimplant.wordpress.com/2009/03/19/families-share-their-kidney-reflux-and-ureteral-reimplantation-stories/

I hope Ethan is going well.