Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We have all done it, because we are not perfect, we are Human. You know what I'm talking about.  I've seen a Mom in a store with a child who was wild and screaming and the Mom didn't do anything and I've thought to myself, "Not my Child, I wouldn't put up with that".  Or I've seen a parent yell at a child when I've thought it wasn't necessary.  The truth is, it's wrong.  We don't know what it really going on.  Is a Mom ignoring a child who has behavior issues due to something like Autism and that is how she handles it?  Did a Parent just lose a job and is stressed about how they are going to pay the bills and they yell at their child in public (and probably feel horrible about it later).

Why do we do it?  Why can't we just smile and go on?  It doesn't matter if we are rich, poor, black or white the majority of us Moms all have the same goal - at the end of the day we want the very best for our children and are doing the very best that we can.  We want happy, healthy, adjusted children.  Let's give each other a break!

Yesterday, I was at the Nephrologist with Ethan and he was fussy.  I mean, really do you blame the kid?  The minute we step into a Doctor's office he completely freaks out - he is terrified.  I think if we walked by a store selling scrubs he would probably fall apart.  I have learned though that if I hold him his sling he is easier to comfort.  So I do, all 23 pounds 30 inches and almost 19 months of him.  People stare, I wonder if they are staring because he is a toddler and I'm carrying him around like a baby, if they are staring because he is screaming or perhaps they are staring because he looks a little different.  Who knows?  However, yesterday a Mother (complete stranger to me) was sitting in the waiting room with her 3 year old and after an hour of me consoling Ethan in his sling she asked me how old he was.I answered, "almost 19 months".  In which she replied "You need to put him down and let him run around, that's what his problem is, you are holding him and treating him like a baby"  For a moment, I think I was a little in shock and lot's of not very nice things ran through my head like "Hey Lady, I would love to put him down, but guess what, he can't walk or crawl or if I put him down he is going to scream and breakdown because he thinks he may be stuck with a needle or held down against his will or perhaps he may have his 7th surgery".  Luckily, it was our turn to see the Doctor and so I didn't....I should have but I didn't....

It got me to thinking though, about how we judge other Mothers when we don't know all the facts.  I'm pretty sure I have enough sense not to say something like that to a total stranger just like I would never ask a woman who I didn't know when her baby was due.  You never know, maybe she just had a big lunch and she's not pregnant.  Yeah, I'm sure I wouldn't say anything that stupid out loud but I might think it.  I'm gonna work on that because us Mom's got enough to worry about besides what other Moms are thinking about us.

However, if you are that Mom I saw last week at the Pediatrician's office who was yapping on the phone to your friend about what Club you were gonna go to over the weekend and your kid tried to get your attention about 5 times because she wanted you to read to her and finally you told her to "Stop it, can't you see I'm on the phone" ?  Well, I'll be that Mom in the corner with a really big toddler in a sling trying to console him and thinking to myself "Hey, Dumbass get off the phone and give your kid some attention" because after all I'm only human....

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today we said goodbye to the Exersaucer and Jeep Walker.  Ethan is just too big now and it has become dangerous for him to play in them.  It was with a sad heavy heart that I passed them along.  My baby is growing up.  Oh, but wait that is awesome 'cause remember that stupid doctor who told us we needed to make a decision about termination?  Ha!  Maybe I should add her to my Christmas Card list....

And now with the money that I made from selling these I'm gonna buy him this...

Friday, June 25, 2010

For once it's not Ethan!

Anna Claire was a very healthy baby.  She had maybe 2 ear infections and except for the time we had to rush to the doctor because her sister pulled her arm out of joint, her baby and toddler years were uneventful.  However, in Jan. she started having recurring ear infections and fluid in her ears.  Then she burst her eardrum and the ENT said tubes were needed.  So along we went today to have them done.  She was an angel and we had NO drama.  Easiest medical procedure we have had done in a while and it kinda felt weird not to be checking Ethan in.  In fact, I almost wrote his name on the paperwork ....that's bad!

I thought it was cute how they put her bands around her ankle.  Of course she was stylin with the Twinkle Toes "cause you know a girls gotta look good!

And a little lip gloss before they took her away made it even better!

A trip to Brusters was made for Pink Icecream for this rockstar!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


They say that the 1st step is to admit you have a problem.  Well folks, I have a problem.  An addiction of sorts ..... Vanilla Diet Cokes with Crushed Ice from Sonic.  I believe I have passed this on to Ethan....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Better or Worse....

I love my husband for many reasons.  I love him for how he loves me unconditionally - no matter what.  For better or for worse he amazes me .... always.

I knew the moment they put Jake in his arms that he would be an amazing father.  The way he rushed down to the nursery to check on his little guy.  During the first 6 weeks of colic how he would put him in his car seat and drive around town at midnight so I could sleep or how he changed diapers like a pro and never complained.  I love how he would take Jake to the park all by himself so they could spend "Guy Time" together or how he built train tracks with Jake all over the house together.  I love how they share the love of sports and racing. They have their own "Guy Talk"

I loved him even more when his 1st daughter was born.  I love how protective he is and how he says his daughters won't date until they are 30.  Or how when he sees a teenage girl holding hands with a boy in public he says "Not his daughters".  I love how patient he is even when this particular daughter has changed clothes 6 times, cried because her hair isn't right and throw a pair of shoes down the stairs.  He just shakes his head and smiles.

I love how he has let this little girl wrap him right around her finger.  I love how she adores her Daddy and thinks he is the biggest, strongest, smartest Daddy in the whole wide world.  I love how when she is hurt, sick or tired the first person she wants is her Daddy.

I love how he held my hand and looked me right in the eyes as I was melting away in a dark ultrasound room when a Doctor told me our little boy was very sick and may not live.  How he squeezed my shoulder and told me "We will make it, it's gonna be OK, we will do this together"  I love when I catch him stroking Ethan's hair and gazing at him and knowing exactly what he thinking. 

I love him for so many reasons but the most important gift he has given me are the four most amazing children and a Father who loves them no matter what....For Better or For Worse.... What a gift....

and I hope that my children never grow out of needing their Daddy.  I know I haven't!  Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!!

Happy Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Ethan had OT this morning and he is doing soooo great!  He is now getting into sitting positon all by himself and can get into tall kneeling.  Such an accomplishment for a little guy who has been through so much.  Mrs. Vickie, his Occupational Therapist has been working with him on strengthening his core muscles.  He has hypotonia and not much strength in his core muscles.  Today she used a pillow case to give him cues to keep his belly up off of the ground when he crawls and he did great!  He was in the best mood!!  Because he is doing so good we are backing his OT down to once a month which is great and awesome and I'm so proud but I will really miss seeing our OT every other week.  But not to worry 'cause I've gained a friend for life!  She is amazing, caring, patient and a has a dedication to children like no other.  I'm so happy that God has brought her into our life!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

Summer is here!  It has been really hot here in Va the last week.  You know it's time for field day when the sun is shinning and the sweat is pouring! Here are some pictures from Gracie's field day.  Chris went to Jakes but didn't take any pictures :(

Gracie's favorite station

1st  you fill up your little dixie cup with water and run across the way ....

Next you pour the water into the Jug that is sitting on your classmates head

Now it's your turn to be a Jug Head!

My Sweet Girl and I had such a wonderful time at Field Day!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


I didn't get lost and left in Atlanta, I promise!  Just really busy since we have been back.  Here is a recap of Atlanta for ya:

Met with Dr. Shoffner who was exactly as I had anticipated from all of you great Mito Moms out there....Ethan decided that would be the 30 minutes that he acted "typical" commando crawling all over the place, pulling on the blinds, slapping at my face, telling me no no no...you know, "typical"  Dr. Shoffner said he wasn't convinced he has Mito based on his lab works and clinically which completely contradicts what Dr. Teasley said so once again we wait.  He said he obviously has something genetically going on...duh, really??? No, I didn't say that out loud but I was sure thinking it. 

The next day he had his Muscle Biopsy, skin biopsy and lumbar puncture.  He did great and I was so impressed with the staff.  Wow! What a difference it makes to be in a facility specifically designed for children.  Sad but true, it was like the Disney World of Hospitals.  Oh, gee, that kinda sounds sick...but anywho...

We won't find out anything until the end of July or beginning of August.  Quite honestly, I'm really just not even worried about it.  Kinda strange since I was so worked up before we went.  It's in God's hands, I know that, I believe it and I'm gonna live it.  Just like I believed he would live to be born, believed he would make it through his "big" surgery, believed he would live his first year and I believe he will continue to develop and prosper just as God has planned for him!