Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Better or Worse....

I love my husband for many reasons.  I love him for how he loves me unconditionally - no matter what.  For better or for worse he amazes me .... always.

I knew the moment they put Jake in his arms that he would be an amazing father.  The way he rushed down to the nursery to check on his little guy.  During the first 6 weeks of colic how he would put him in his car seat and drive around town at midnight so I could sleep or how he changed diapers like a pro and never complained.  I love how he would take Jake to the park all by himself so they could spend "Guy Time" together or how he built train tracks with Jake all over the house together.  I love how they share the love of sports and racing. They have their own "Guy Talk"

I loved him even more when his 1st daughter was born.  I love how protective he is and how he says his daughters won't date until they are 30.  Or how when he sees a teenage girl holding hands with a boy in public he says "Not his daughters".  I love how patient he is even when this particular daughter has changed clothes 6 times, cried because her hair isn't right and throw a pair of shoes down the stairs.  He just shakes his head and smiles.

I love how he has let this little girl wrap him right around her finger.  I love how she adores her Daddy and thinks he is the biggest, strongest, smartest Daddy in the whole wide world.  I love how when she is hurt, sick or tired the first person she wants is her Daddy.

I love how he held my hand and looked me right in the eyes as I was melting away in a dark ultrasound room when a Doctor told me our little boy was very sick and may not live.  How he squeezed my shoulder and told me "We will make it, it's gonna be OK, we will do this together"  I love when I catch him stroking Ethan's hair and gazing at him and knowing exactly what he thinking. 

I love him for so many reasons but the most important gift he has given me are the four most amazing children and a Father who loves them no matter what....For Better or For Worse.... What a gift....

and I hope that my children never grow out of needing their Daddy.  I know I haven't!  Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!!

Happy Fathers Day!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

What a touching post. All woman and children should be lucky enough to have a man such as your husband in their lives!!

Laura aka Mama Ham said...

Thanks, Cheryl. He is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet and heartfelt post. It is a blessing to have godly husbands. I hope your hubby had a Happy Father's Day!