Thursday, June 10, 2010


I didn't get lost and left in Atlanta, I promise!  Just really busy since we have been back.  Here is a recap of Atlanta for ya:

Met with Dr. Shoffner who was exactly as I had anticipated from all of you great Mito Moms out there....Ethan decided that would be the 30 minutes that he acted "typical" commando crawling all over the place, pulling on the blinds, slapping at my face, telling me no no no...you know, "typical"  Dr. Shoffner said he wasn't convinced he has Mito based on his lab works and clinically which completely contradicts what Dr. Teasley said so once again we wait.  He said he obviously has something genetically going on...duh, really??? No, I didn't say that out loud but I was sure thinking it. 

The next day he had his Muscle Biopsy, skin biopsy and lumbar puncture.  He did great and I was so impressed with the staff.  Wow! What a difference it makes to be in a facility specifically designed for children.  Sad but true, it was like the Disney World of Hospitals.  Oh, gee, that kinda sounds sick...but anywho...

We won't find out anything until the end of July or beginning of August.  Quite honestly, I'm really just not even worried about it.  Kinda strange since I was so worked up before we went.  It's in God's hands, I know that, I believe it and I'm gonna live it.  Just like I believed he would live to be born, believed he would make it through his "big" surgery, believed he would live his first year and I believe he will continue to develop and prosper just as God has planned for him! 

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