Friday, June 25, 2010

For once it's not Ethan!

Anna Claire was a very healthy baby.  She had maybe 2 ear infections and except for the time we had to rush to the doctor because her sister pulled her arm out of joint, her baby and toddler years were uneventful.  However, in Jan. she started having recurring ear infections and fluid in her ears.  Then she burst her eardrum and the ENT said tubes were needed.  So along we went today to have them done.  She was an angel and we had NO drama.  Easiest medical procedure we have had done in a while and it kinda felt weird not to be checking Ethan in.  In fact, I almost wrote his name on the paperwork ....that's bad!

I thought it was cute how they put her bands around her ankle.  Of course she was stylin with the Twinkle Toes "cause you know a girls gotta look good!

And a little lip gloss before they took her away made it even better!

A trip to Brusters was made for Pink Icecream for this rockstar!

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