Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ethan's Story - Part 6 - Headed in the wrong direction

When I got to the NICU they wouldn’t allow me to come in. I sat outside in the NICU area where you wash your hands for 45 minutes. The NICU doctor finally came out and told me that shortly after I had left, Ethan’s heartrate jumped up to 220 and they tried to bring him down with ice on his face but it didn’t work so they had to medically intervene. He had two episodes within 20 minutes. I was all to familiar with SVT. I have it, I had an ablation in 1999 to repair my SVT and have only had issues while pregnant. Great, here is something else that I have “done” to my Sweet Ethan. Oh, the Guilt….

When they finally allowed me to go into the NICU my Sweet Ethan looked so peaceful and calm and we were right back to where we started. The NICU is not nearly as encouraging as the PCN. You see when you are in the PCN you can see a light at the end of the tunnel you know your next stop is home or at least we thought. We were not headed in the right direction!

A cardiologist came in that night to look at him and did an echocardiogram and said his heart looked beautiful but they started him on a medication to keep his heart a steady slow beat because to many bouts of SVT can cause severe problems, many of you that read my blog also know Stellan and his trouble with SVT so I need not inform you of the danger…

We stayed in the NICU for another 4 days and we were headed back to PCN. I begged the nurses to please make sure we got our old spot next to Baby L, I couldn’t bear being in there without Mama B. The nurse told me that someone had taken our spot but she said she would see what she could do.

The March of Dimes has a dedicated Unit at the Hospital that we were at and they were so great to us and the Director was so wondeful, she always knew when you needed a little extra support or just nothing at all but someone to sit with you. You see her son was a Preemie, 17 years ago and he is also named Ethan soI like to think she took extra special care of us!

We got our spot back…..

A dear friend’s wife made us a blessing blanket for Ethan. Such an amazing gift, so much love and prayer went into this blanket and we are so grateful for it….

The note on the card read:
Ethan - this blanket was knitted with a special little baby like you in mind. It is a prayer blanket with everything knitted in three's like the trinity. I hope it brings you as much pleasure as it did me when I made it. Love Blair

More to come later....

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