Saturday, October 17, 2009

Swine Flu

Ugh, it happened.....Swine Flu hit our house. While Ethan is considered "High Risk" our children all got the Seasonal Flu shot before other children did at our Pediatrician's office and they are on the first list for the Swine Flu Shot in the next 2 weeks but as luck has it Sweet Ethan caught it before we could get the vaccination.

On Wednesday he started with a little cough and at 6 pm he was lethargic and his fever was 103.9 so I called the Pediatrician who told me I could either take him straight to the ER or try a new Urgent Care Facility that has opened about 20 minutes from us that is for children only. He told us that they would be able to direct admit if he needed to be in the hospital and since they had a 5 hour wait at the ER I loaded him up in the cold and pouring rain and headed on over to KidMed. I had heard great things about this place. It was opened by ER doctors from St. Mary's Hospital which is our hospital of choice and where Ethan has had all of surgeries and stays so I felt very comfortable. Oh and just like always my BBFF got me there again. What in the world would I do without her talking me all the way to hospitals and ERs?

The staff was great. We even had a Nurse who was in the PICU after Ethan had his "Big Surgery" She was with us on that first night when they were having trouble keeping his stats up and were having to "bag" him. The nurses and RTs were very worried that night when he kept dropping and I could only sit in the chair next to him and pray to God that he would put his healing hands over my Sweet Ethan and put his arms around the Nurses and Doctors and give them the wisdom to help him. That Nurse helped me a lot that night and I will never forget her for what she did for our son so seeing her familiar face really helped calm me. Oh, how our God loves us....he knew just what I needed.

Ethan's lungs were clear but he did test positive for the flu - H1N1 and he because anytime that he has a fever over 102 we have to rule out a UTI, they did a cath and sure enough his labs show a little bit of bacteria in his urine so they are treating him with very strong antibiotics. We will know tomorrow if it is truly a UTI. He is right on the cusp of having to switch to a different antibiotic to ward off UTIs so this is probably a blessing in disguise! All part of God's Plan...

On Thursday he slept most of the day and hardly ate or drank anything but by Friday afternoon he was playing in his exersaucer and rolling all over the place. We are very thankful and blessed that he recovered so quickly. He is considered one of those high risk people in the news that they keep talking about. He is doing well and we are so blessed and thankful!

He is taking 4 meds right now - Tamiflu, Bactrim, Cephalexin and Gentamicin....it takes me back to the beginning.....

Praising God tonight that Ethan is well!


Anonymous said...

You poor things! I am so glad to hear Ethan is doing better though. I will be praying for your family!

o0pink0o said...

Sorry that your fam got struck by that notorious H1N1. Praying for your family's safety and hope Ethan will feel better soon.