Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazing Giveaway!!!

Ok, so I follow a couple of people's blogs and sometimes they have some cool giveaways but I have never played along because I NEVER WIN anything, except that one time when I won a $50 Gift Certificate to the new Michaels but other than that NOTHING. BUT....I am totally into Mama M.'s giveaway from My Little Life. I love her blog and she cracks me up!!!

I have been looking for a piece of jewelry that represents all four of my kids and she is giving away a piece from Moppet's Closet and I have found mine!!!! Just replace the kids names with mine and 3 November birthstones and one December birthstone and viola my new necklace...

All my Baby Mama Friends totally need one of these necklaces for Christmas! I mean, seriously what are you waiting for????

1 comment:

Mama M. said...

Thanks for the great post!!! I'm sooooo excited about this giveaway!