Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

Gracie standing on her hands....

The Hamilton Hams had a busy weekend! Friday night I had my second Tastefully Simple Party at my friend Katarina's house. It was so fun and didn't feel like work at all! None of the guests had ever been to a Tastefully Simple Party so it was great to show them how to make gourmet food quick and simple! She had a nice turnout and I booked 2 more parties! Yahoo!

This was a party favorite - Nana's Apple Cake

Saturday was Football Football Football. We played the Highland Springs Saints and Gracie's team won 7-0 (they scored in overtime) and Jake's team won 21-7! It was a great day for the Rebels! Ethan is feeling so much better but we didn't want to take him out all day so Chris and I switched off, I went to Gracie's game while he stayed home with the little kids and he went to Jake's and I stayed home with the little kids.

Sunday brought about Sunday School and Church. Gracie and Jake both moved up to new classe this year and are loving being in the older classes. Jake can't wait until next year when he is old enough to acolyte. I better make sure the church checks their insurance policy, sure would hate for my kid to be the one that burns down the 100 year old church! We dropped the big kids off for Sunday School and took the little ones over to Starbucks and Anna Claire enjoyed her "coffee" which is really ice water in a coffee cup but she thinks it's coffee. So cute! I really enjoy simple little moments when she gets to have us all to herself, well Ethan was with us but he doesn't mind sharing the spotlight, unlike his other sistser.

This afternoon I sent Daddy Ham to the third floor to pull out the fall decorations. Fall is my very favorite time of the year to decorate. After I get it set up I will post some pictures and I would love to see yours...

Anna Claire starts Preschool tomorrow at a local church, 3 mornings a week from 9-12. Please pray she keeps her clothes on, doesn't leave the building and doesn't break out in song singing the following verse to her very favorite song these days:

You know I like my Chicken Fried
Cold Beer on a Friday Night
And the Radio Up

Yes, these are the only words she knows and as I type this she is screaming them at the top of her lungs....oh boy!

So funny, this is what I came home to Friday night, just like her PaPaw she can sleep while sitting up!

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