Thursday, September 17, 2009


Conversation between MamaHam, Big Ham and Medium Ham...

Big Ham - Mom, can you buy me a DSI?

MamaHam - No, you have a Playstation, WII and a regular DS. You don't need another video game thingy.

Big Ham - But my birthday and Christmas is coming up. Why can't you just buy it for me for one of those holidays?

MamaHam - Because I said and I just told you why.

Big Ham - Geez, Mom, I never get anything.

Medium Ham - It's because we are poor, that's why you can't get a DSI.

Oh, I'm still laughing about this conversation....

On another note, Baby Ham is sick. He has RSV AGAIN. He is home resting now and hoping that it does not get worse as the night progresses or else we get an all inclusive 3-5 day stay at the hospital....Please pray that Baby Ham can fight off this off and MamaHam and Daddy Ham has patience. And please don't forget to pray for the Little Hams who God Bless them can't get a new DSI 'cause Mama and Daddy Ham are poor....still laughing out loud!

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Anonymous said...

Kids say the funniest things! I hope your sweet baby feels better!! Have a blessed weekend!