Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Girl School

Anna Claire's first day of Preschool was today! She is going 3 mornings a week at a Lutheran Church right around the corner from our house. We actually used to be members of this church but left about 5 years to join another Lutheran Church in the City. They have a larger program for the kids and we wanted them to be more involved so we made the choice to leave. Funny, the church Anna Claire is at for "Big Girl School" has a great Preschool but the Sunday School Program - not so much.

She was SO excited this morning. She even had to call Nannie and let her know she was going to Big Girl School today. It was so cute. We went outside to take pictures and after we were done she said "Ok, where's the bus" Ha! She thought the big yellow bus was coming for her....not yet, girl, not yet!

She has 5 other kids in her class and walked right in with her big ole backpack like she had been going to school forever. The teacher said she did great and had a wonderful day. I asked her what she liked best about Big Girl School and she said "The Beach". I'm guessing she played in the sandbox....that girl loves her some dirt!

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Anonymous said...

I hope she enjoyed big girl school! So sweet...I am sure you were probably shedding a tear or two. They grow up to fast!! She is adorable and I love her vera backpack!!