Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rebel Rumble....

We spent our Saturday on the field from 12 until 7:30! Gracie's game was first but was delayed due to overtime in the game prior to hers. Those poor Flag boys can't catch a break this year even if they are so cute with their little green mohawks! They lost again but the girls just kept on cheering!

Jake's game was delayed due to an injury and an ambulance was called to the field. The player is OK but he had hurt his neck so they wanted to be sure he was good before they moved him from the field. A football Mama's biggest fear is to have her son taken off of the field in an ambulance but the boys all seem to think it's cool! No thanks, we will pass on that one! Jake's game was awesome. Those boys played so well and won 14-7 - so far we are undefeated!

The boys before the game started...

Jake getting some advice from his Head Coach before he went out on the field.

The weather was so great, Ethan enjoyed laying down on a quilt and relaxing

This girl played in the dirt, you would have thought she was at the beach!

And this is what her feet looked like at the end of the game...

One Sweaty but Proud Rebel!

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