Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Dinner out with the Baby Mamas and Kitty Mama

Last night I went out with a group of great friends I like to call the "Baby Mamas" and one "Kitty Mama". We had dinner at Maggianos. I started with a nice glass of Merlot and Michelle had a glass of mint trees...but that's for another blog! Our waiter, "Big Daddy" was hillarious and I think a little scared of us, especially when the conversation turned to vasectimies, and yes, Banna Head it seems that one is is probably in your future. Just make sure you don't visit the same Doc as Chris, or do, and you may end up with the sweetest child ever...Back to Big Daddy, he was funny but so SLOW so we ended up being there for over 3 hours. That was just fine with me because I was surrounded by good friends, good wine and good food. What else could I have asked for? Well, my Bestest BFF wasn't there and we were missing Sherry and Anna. Anna is a brand new Baby Mama so she will quickly learn the value of a good night out with the girls! We talked about what most Baby Mama's talk about, kids, husbands, jobs and lauged about old memories. Poor Strippin Skip, we will still be talking about him when we are visiting each other in the old folks home!

Here is a little bit of info about the Baby Mamas and the Kitty Mama.

Jen R. - one of my dearest friends. We met 6 years ago at work and have been through some major stuff together. In the 6 years since we have been friends, she has gotten married, had two of the cutest twin girls you have ever seen. Even if they did teach my sweet Anna Claire WHO NEVER gets into trouble how to jump from the coffee table to the couch...I'm just sayin....Jen is going in next Friday to have a scheduled C-Section and will be a Baby Mama to a sweet little boy. Can't wait to meet him! Jen has been a great friend to me. She is the one who came to sit with me in the hospital the night before Ethan was born, even though she was in the middle of packing and leaving early the next mroning to go to NYC. She held my hand and cried with me and assured me it was all going to be OK. I will never forget how much she helped me that night. She is also responsible for Strippin Skip ....Oh, and I did save her life once - saved her from being sucked up from a Tornado.

Michelle B. - she is the sister of Jen R. and makes me laugh my tale off. She is my motivation, this girl is a rockstar. She has lost so much weight and is super fit. She is one Sexy Baby Mama! She is the Baby Mama of a Super Sassy 5 year old named Taylor who you will see one day in the movies because she headed straight to Hollywood. Hannah Montana better watch out because Taylor is coming your way.

Jenn F. - she is also a dear friend to me who I met through my BBFF (Bestestt Best Friend Forever). She is the most creative person ever. I have spent many nights scrapbooking with her and she is such an inspiration. She can also make some mean curtains! I wish I was half as creative as she is! She is the Baby Mama to 3 and one of those 3 is Gracie's BFF - Gwenyth. She is coming over tonight for her first ever sleepover. Don't worry, I'll keep you updated on how that goes tomorrow :)

Teresa - she is the "Kitty Mama". I met her through Jenn F. She is awesome, she is such a sweet person. She is so kind and has so much faith. I can't wait to get to know her better!

Katarina - she is one of my Clients and also now one of my Friends. She is extremely beautifuly, her beauty is amazing both inside and outside and her awesome accent only adds to it. She is a Baby Mama to 2 of the most handsome boys you have ever laid eyes on. I've already got Anna Claire married to her youngest. I love spending time with her!

We can't forget the Baby Mama's who were not there...

Sherry - she is a former Client who is now a Stay At Home Mom. She is awesome and so kind. She is also one of the smartest chicks I know - even after being home for a couple of years this chick can answer any HR question around. She is the Baby Mama to a son and daughter. Her Son Jacob cracks me up - he is quite a ladies man. He has a little crush on Jen R. and can't invite her to see his bedroom enough! We totally missed her last night!
Anna - I met her through one of my other friends who moved to away to PA. She is hillarious and just became a Baby Mama. She had a little boy a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to get to know her more and her new little boy. He's got lots of friends to meet...

and last but not ceratinly least, my BBFF Anne Marie...

I could write a whole post about her and probably will one day :)
We have been friends for almost 9 years. We have been through so much together, job losses, moves, deaths, births, babies in NICUS. I couldn't cope without her. She is my rock. We talk on the phone at a minimum of 2 times a day. When one of us is on vacation - it totally feels like something is missing, because it is! It doesn't matter what is going on with our families and husbands I know at any minute she is there if I need her. Sometimes just to vent about husbands or MIL, sometimes to cry and most of the time to laugh. I love her like my Sister!

So, here is some pictures from last night....

Teresa, Jenn F. and Me

Michelle, Katarina and Jen R.

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