Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to the Blog World

I am starting this blog to keep family and friends up to date on the 4 little hams that we are raising. Our life is crazy and busy and full of lots of ham drama and often people tell us we should have our own reality show but I'm thinking that hasn't really worked out that great for some of those reality show people - I'm thinking Jessica Simpson, Carman Electra, Jon and Kate Plus 8 - just to name a few...so I'll stick to the blog world...

Let me introduce you to me....I work full time as an Assistant Vice President of Employee Benefits - really fancy title for someone who sells Employee Benefits. I am married to an amazing man I call Daddy Ham...he stays at home full time with the 4 little hams - God Bless his Soul! We have been married almost 10 years, amazing the changes we have seen in 10 years!

When I was a little girl I always said I wanted a lot of kids...than I had one and than two and decided two was good but than came three and so we said enough is enough and Daddy Ham went and got his Ham baked ...or so we thought...about 8 months after the lab swore to us that there would be no more little hams, Ethan Graham Hamilton made his appearance 6 weeks early and than the drama really began...

Jake aka Big Ham

Jake is our 8 year old smart, funny, handsome, athletic, strong willed, stubborn son. He will argue you with that it's day when it's 9 pm at night just to prove a point - I'm thinking he is going to be a good lawyer one day!

Gracie aka Medium Ham

Gracie is our 6 year old sassy, spunky, talk your ear off, curly haired singing daughter. She has a heart of gold and wears is on her sleeve. She would do anything for you and is the little Mama of the the house! I'm thinking she is gonna be one heck of a caregiver one day!

Anna Claire aka Small Ham

Anna Claire is a smart, sassy, getting into everything, tongue sticking out, potty training, never wants to wear clothes 2 year old. She has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger and I'm thinking she just might be a Judge one day - she can point a mean finger and yell at me to go to time out at any given moment.

Ethan aka Baby Ham

Ethan is our gift from God. God wasn't done when he gave us Anna Claire so he gave us sweet Ethan. When I was 16 weeks pregnant, my Doctor called and told us that my blood work came back that I had a 1 in 51 chance of having a baby with Downs Syndrome. What??? I was in my early 30s and had 3 healthy children, this couldn't be happening to us. We were told to go the next day to see a Perionatologist that was on a Thursday. The technician came in and scanned my belly and Daddy Ham and I saw a sweet baby with his legs kicking and and his mouth opening and closing and were in love. Very quickly the technician left and came back with the Doctor who told us our sweet baby was boy but he was very sick. He had 3 markers for downs and one of the markers was very enlarged kidneys. She told us we needed an amniocentesis and would need to make a "decision" about the rest of the pregnancy. "Decision" are you kidding me??? I was watching my child moving and breathing on a monitor - Downs or not there was clearly no decision to make. Fast forward....Negative for Downs but born 6 weeks early with multiple birth defects...Stage 4 Kidney Reflux, Bilateral Hydronephrosis, small brain bleed, ear pit with slightly deformed ear, spells of SVT in the NICU and loss of hearing in one ear. He spent 5 weeks in the NICU/PCN, 3 days in PICU for Urinary Tract infection, 13 days in PICU after his surgery to repair the kidney reflux, 10 days in PICU for RSV (thanks to the insurance company who wouldn't pay for RSV shots because he wasn't a "candidate"). Today he works with an Occupational Therapist to overcome his developmental delays but he is truly a miracle who has beaten the odds and for that we are eternally thankful to our God. The same God who made him PERFECT just the way he had planned.

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