Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another surgery for Ethan....

So we just got back from the ENT and Ethan failed his hearing test in his left ear for the third time. The Doc is concerned about the amount of fluid he has on both eardrums so tubes are going in next month. He is worried that since he has not started babbling and only makes noises that if we let it go any longer he may have significant hearing loss and need a hearing aid. While I know that having ear tubes put in is a very simple procedure, everything with this little guy turns into a major deal! He will have it done at Saint Mary's and we have requested the anesthesiologist that did his major surgery since there is a 15 - 20% chance he may have to be intibated due to his hypotonia. When I find out the date, I'll let everyone know but keep us in your prayers!

On another note - praise God a friend of a friend's little girl is going to be ok - the family had a health scare but with lots of faith and prayers she is going to be ok. Our God is a Great! Just thought I would add that praise after all of my self pity :)

Now we are off to the football field......

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