Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Urologist Appointment

Today was Ethan's checkup with Dr. E, the Urologist who did Ethan's surgery. He was happy that Ethan has not had a UTI since the surgery.  They did a little ultrasound and boy was that fun, trying to hold him still!  It showed that he still has hydro on one side of the kidney which he probably always will it's just a matter of how much reflux he has.  We go into the hospital on Dec 10th for an outpatient procedure called a VCUG to see what stage his reflux is at now.  Before the surgery it was a Stage 5 on one side and 4 on the other. 

The last time I was in Dr. E's office, Ethan was 3 weeks post operative, had 2 bags attached to his body that collected his urine and a heart/apnea monitor attached to him.  Today all he had attached to him was a binky...isn't life great!  Praise be to God!


Anonymous said...

So thankful to hear your sweet boy's appt. went well. What a blessing!

Diana Bleu said...

i erased so many dr appointment entry's i'm so sorry. I'm trying to be private and personal with a few things.. hopefully for your family sake i will learn to keep them posted. The visits will get better i promise. My child is a case study here at the children's hospital like i told the other mom, i can give you our docs info for your docs to compare notes..