Monday, January 9, 2012

National Institute of Health - Day 1

We arrived this morning to the clinic at 7:30, we went through admissions and settled into our room in the children's unit.

We met with 4 members of our team, a Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, Genetic Doctor and Dental Resident.  They took our history and Ethan's history and did a physical on Ethan.  It it is so strange what genetic doctor's look for that we would never even think about - such as the way your hair swirls and the growth pattern of your hair swirl...strange huh?

The doctor's love to check out his "special" ear!

Next up was a blood draw - all 13 viles of it!  They will be testing it for so many different things, things I have never heard of. Ethan has had 35 other genetic tests and honestly I thought he had been tested for everything that was possible to be tested for...but I guess not!

He obviously was not a happy camper after that, but who can blame him?
He decided he needed a little break, so he took a nice little nap!

This is Ethan's mode of transportation at the clinic when he goes from appointment to appointment.

He loves it!

After lunch he had an EKG and Echo and did great!  They are very good here with the kids, very patient and caring.  They put his favorite Baby Einstein Movie in during his procedure and he was good to go!

We finished up at the clinic around 6 and came back over to The Children's Inn and checked his "mailbox" and he was very excited to get mail - a cool chalkboard to keep him busy!

Oh and Ethan got to see snow today, big bonus!  Tomorrow is a big day, he will be sedated for 3 hours and have a MRI, inner eye exam, skin biopsy and lumbar puncture.  It's been a while since I have had to hand my baby off to a nurse to go in for a procedure without me so I'm not looking forward to it!

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