Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Monday Monday

Ethan woke up this morning feeling great, had not had a fever since Thursday, he was in a wonderful mood and ready to get on the bus.  I got him on the bus, Jake and Gracie on the bus, dropped Anna Claire off at Preschool, stopped for some Java and walked into the office when my phone rang. It was the clinic, Ethan threw up as soon as he got off the bus.  I hadn't even taken off my coat.

I decided to take him back to the doctor.  Turns out the throwing up was caused from coughing, he had crackling on both sides of his lungs and his asthma was acting up. 

He is on oral steroids, an antibiotic, an inhaler and breathing treatments every 4 hours.

And right now he is doing this....

I have a couple of hours of work to catch up on and than I will be joining him....

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