Sunday, January 29, 2012

Milestones and Real Life

Ethan has had some major milestones in the last two week.... no more Binky, no high chair and no more toddler bed!

Those milestones help us to remember that Ethan is progressing and making great strides but weekends like this one makes me forget!  He has been sick since Wednesday.  He started with a cough on Monday, a fever Tuesday night and by Wednesday he had a nasty cold that has turned into pneumonia.  Everything makes him mad, nothing soothes him.  He is in a constant state of aggression.  He has scratched, bitten and hit everyone in this house.  It takes two adults to hold him down to give him his breathing treatment.  He is tired, we are tired and the other kids are not getting the attention they need and are starting to act out.

Yep, this is real life, folks, real life stuff!  I suppose I could have just blogged about the first two pictures and how awesome everything is but that would not be the whole truth.  With the joys of raising a special needs kid comes the heartache.  Nothing in a parenting manual prepared me for sure, I feel like a first time parent with Ethan.  Raising 3 other toddlers did not prepare me for this.  I have a ton of guilt that weighs on me like a ton of bricks.  I feel guilty for the frustration that Ethan has, guilty that I can't figure out how to make him comfortable, guilt that my other children are being ignored and guilt that my husband is being neglected. 

Tomorrow is another day and it's Monday so we can start over, right?

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Gwen S said...

HUGS! Parenting w/special needs can be hard. But you can do it. You ARE doing it. Thanks for your honesty!