Monday, May 17, 2010

Pink Giraffes

A while back I was in a situation where my girls were painting animal pictures with some other children and Gracie wanted to paint the Giraffe pink.  Another Mother stepped and told her absolutely not, that giraffes were not pink and that she must color it yellow.  Gracie looked up at me with her big brown eyes with pure innocence and confusion.  You see, in our house, it's OK to paint giraffes pink, yellow, brown, green....I pick my battles, folks, I got 4 kids.  I'm really not concerned with "perfect".  I love the creative side of my girls and I love how they are emerging into their own little people.

So on Sunday as we were getting ready for church, when Anna Claire demanded to wear her new "twinkle toes" (which by the way, I got on clearance and with my coupon ended up costing $12.50, that's right I got a pair of $40 shoes for $12.50 boo yah!!!) I looked down at her in her beautiful smocked dress (thanks to a great church friend for the most amazing hand me down smocked dresses) and her big white bow and smiled at her and said of course you can wear "twinkle toes" because white Mary Janes just wouldn't cut it ....sometimes you gotta paint the giraffe pink!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet. I agree with the giraffe story. It really doesn't matter what color she wants to paint her giraffe. It's all about self expression! Have a great week.