Thursday, May 20, 2010


Insane is how I would describe my day....This morning Jake & Gracie had dentist appointments at 8 and I'm happy to report they are cavity free.  Wahoo!  Anna Claire had to be at the ENT at 8:20 so Chris took her and I'm not happy to report that she still has fluid on her eardrums so she is getting ear tubes. I think she might just be the oldest kid I know who has gotten ear tubes.  So strange!  She had maybe one ear infection the 1st year of her life but in the last 6 months she can't seem to clear an infection.

After the big kids dentist appointment, I took them back to school only to pull up and find the entire school outside for a fire drill. So I had to wait until that was over before I could take them in.  By the way, those elementary kids were so quiet outside that you could hear the birds chirping.  Man, when I was in school and we had a fire drill I don't remember that ....I just remember chaos!

So I'm on my way to work when I get a call from the bank notifying me of "suspicious activity".  They were concerned about the amount of withdrawls from the hospitals in Atlanta.  Um, I hear ya people, I'm concerned about my bank statement also after all of the withdrawls for doctors, hospitals and biopsy up front fees.  And speaking of Atlanta, we still do not know if we will be traveling by Angel Flight or not.  As of right this minute, we have no pilot so I made an appointment to get the oil changed tomorrow just in case we have to drive...ugh...ugh...ugh !  We also don't know if we will be staying in the Ronald McDonald House either, depends on if they have room.  So, we may be shelling out about $300 for a hotel for the 3 nights and gas money and food money ....oh my...my head is spinning!

All of this before 10 am, I felt like I had ran a marathon this morning!  Got into work and am sooo busy trying to get everything ready since I will be out next week.  Don't get me wrong, I am sooooo thankful for my Clients and my prospective Clients so I won't complain about my workload today because it could be worse.  I could be unemployed!

So I answered emailed, phone calls, figured out contracts, did some contribution strategies.  Left the office, went by the bank, stopped by the grocery store, picked up the kids, have done 3 loads of laundry, fed the kids, cleaned the kitchen and now I'm gonna go and do this....

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