Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How are you?

I think that is the funniest question because we all ask it and we all say Good, Fine, Ok....you know something like that.  At least I do, and well dear friends if you ask me and I tell you Good, Fine, Ok....I'm lying to you, just thought you should know!  We got the call today that Ethan is headed to Atlanta the week of May 24th for his Mito testing with Dr. Shoffner

Now, I have been working on getting this done since the beginning of March when Dr. Teasley's tests came back showing Mito based on his acid levels so one might think I would be jumping up and down with excitement that it is happening.  But I'm scared, nervous, afraid....

I guess in the back of my mind, I thought that Dr. Shoffner would look at Ethan's lab results from Dr. Teasley and say she was wrong, Ethan didn't have Mito, he is good, just a little slow for his age but definitely NOT Mito.  Well, that is not gonna happen and I better just face it.

So dear friends, from now until May 24th when we board the plane to Atlanta and you ask me "How are You?" be prepared, I'm not gonna lie to you....so unless you are prepared for the truth, just don't ask.....

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Melanie said...

We are in the same boat with our daughter, and she sees Dr. Teasley, too! Just sent an email to you with my contact information if you need someone to chat with in person. Take care, Melanie