Sunday, April 25, 2010

I was wrong and I was glad, thank you very much!

This morning while the big kids were in Sunday school I took Ethan down to the nursery to keep him and Anna Claire entertained.  They had a toddler/trike/bike and Anna Claire went right for it and here is how the conversation went:

Me - "Anna Claire, I think you are too big for that"

Anna Claire - "Ok, Ethan can ride it"

Me - "Oh no, he can't do that"

Anna Claire - "Why?"

Me - (thinking REALLY hard how to answer) "because he might fall"

Anna Claire - "So, you can just put him back on if he falls"

Me - "Hmmm...maybe you are right"

So we put him on and he LOVED it, he scooted his feet back and forth and amazed me.  I underestimated him, shame on me!  So this afternoon, we took some of his "baby" toys to my favorite consignment shop Kid to Kid and got a $15 store credit and bought him his very own riding toy and might I add that it only cost $6 so we actually made a couple of bucks.  Woot Woot! 

Feels good to be wrong.....


Anonymous said...

He looks so BIG on there!! Way to go Ethan, keep surprising us, little man!

Melissa said...

Once again, this proves what a good mother you are. You listened to Anna Claire and took her advice. You are a special mother.