Thursday, April 15, 2010

Energy 4 Ethan Car Magnets

I just ordered Ethan's "Energy 4 Ethan" Car Magnets and am soooo excited!  Our committee is meeting Sat. night to start planning our big event in September to raise funds for the UMDF to help find a cure and we will also be raising funds to help pay for Ethan's treatment.  Would you like to help spread the word about Ethan and raise awareness for Mito?  Order your car magnet today!


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Heather said...

Hi Laura - my name is Heather and I use to work with Chris at AIM/HCA. I live and Mechanicsville and have read about Ethan through the local. I thought this was pretty neat and wanted to share this story with you in hope that it will help you or give you some information - I was at lunch today when I ran into a friend I have not seen in 13 years she started to tell me how her little brother (who is now 15) has mitochondrial disease, as soon as she told me I thought of you. I briefly told her your story and she offered me her e-mail address incase you would like to contact her or her parents to gain some information or even support. Since the disease is so rare I thought it would be great to pass the information along especially from someone that has been dealing with it for so many years. I definitely feel it was God's work for me to run into her today in hopes that you can gain something from them, if anything at least a friend/supporter. If you would like to e-mail me so I can pass this information on and even tell you a little bit more about them, please feel free my personal e-mail is halvis1028@gmail.com.