Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early Intervention Easter Egg Hunt

Early Intervention hosted the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lee Davis HS.  The above picture is Ethan and Mrs. Deb.  She has started visiting Ethan once a week for "play time"  They roll around on the floor, play with blocks, blow bubbles....wow, doesn't that sound like a fun job!  Mrs. Vicki, his OT, was not there because she and her daughter were seeing Wicked!  How lucky!!!

Ethan met a friend and I wish I had snapped a picture of Ethan and Henry.  Henry is 2 weeks older than Ethan and has Down Syndrome.  Ethan and Henry had the best time playing with plastic Easter eggs.  It was so great to see Ethan with someone his age and interacting.  We are going to have a play date soon with Henry.

We had pizza for dinner!  Always a hit in the Hamilton House!!

Time to find some Easter Eggs...

She found the perfect one!

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