Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend with family and spent a lot of time outdoors!  Just the way we like it.

Saturday we headed out to the Hanover Tomato Festival. 

 The girls had fun at the petting zoo,
 learning how to plant herbs,
 Ethan and Anna Claire had a tractor race and Papaw will be glad to see the John Deere won,
 Ethan loved the corn box - a box full of tractors and corn what else could you want?
 Gracie thought it would be fun to have a picture made with her and Ethan in front of cow

Today we went to my Parents for the afternoon.  My Sister made the most amazing ribs, they were so yummy!  My Uncle and his Family is visiting from Alabama.  We had a great time visiting with everyone.
 Anna Claire tried ribs for the first time and loved them!

 Nannie's Kitchen is always the place to hang out!
 Anna Claire entertained us with music and singing
This picture of my Sister and Ethan cracks me up! 
 Uncle Robert practicing the song that my Sister will walk down the aisle when she gets married.
 My Dad and Chris look to be in deep conversation.

I finished the evening up with some couponing....

 CVS - before coupons, ECB and sales = $35.93, afterwards = $10.22 (saved $25.71) (Yes, that's 3 packs of Expo Markers - they were on sale for $1.99 and Jake needs 2 packs while Gracie needs 1 for back to school supplies) Walked away with $2 worth of ECB to spend next time.

 Rite Aid - before Up rewards, sales and coupons = $20.04, afterwards = $4.05 (savings of $15.99) Walked away with $5 in up rewards to spend next time

Kroger = Before coupons and sales = $72.83, afterwards = $34.09 (savings of $38.74) Yes, that is 8 packs of crayons but hey at .25 a piece and Gracie needed 4, Jake needed 1 and Anna Claire needing 1 you just can't beat it for back to school sales!

Staples and Walgreens have some good back to school sales on some of the items the kids need so I'm going to try and check that out tomorrow!

Good Night!

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