Friday, July 8, 2011

Living Life...

Well, it's been over 2 months since I blogged last.  I've got to get better about that!  I use my blog to help keep my family up to date and also for me to have a place to keep track of all of the kids day to day happenings!  So here is what the Hamilton Ham's have been up to for the last 2 months ....

Anna Claire and her Preschool Teacher at her End of the Year Program.  I can't believe this girl will start Pre-K in the fall!

 We've been spending some time at my Parent's pool and Ethan tried Watermelon for the 1st time, it is a staple of summertime :)

Both boys had strep throat and Ethan had a horrible rash from it.

Anna Claire was in her 1st tap recital.  She did great but informed me that she will not be taking dance next year but will be taking Karate. 

Celebrated Fathers Day - me and my Dad!

I have become obsessed with saving money with coupons - I might have a bit of an addiction....I've started posting pictures of my deals and posting them on facebook - ....my total before coupons was $96.23. After it was $32.60 and I received $8.00 in store credit to use next time.  See, I told you, I've got a problem...

We've been working on time out with Ethan when he hits or bites.  It seems to be working.

Took Ethan to Chuckie Cheese and he loved it!

We spent the 4th of July at a sweet hometown parade.

Last night we took the kids to an outdoor concert to see Darius Rucker and had a blast!

So basically we've just been living and that is just fine with me 'cause like my Man Darius says "It won't be like this for long"


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