Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CJ's Meal Fairies

Alright, I'm asking for your help!  Many of you who read my blog have the honor of having a Special Needs Child.  Many of you have sat up all night and all day with no sleep and no food watching your child laying in a hospital bed.  My friends over at CJ Thumbs Up Foundation want to win the Pepsi Refresh Challenge and provide food vouchers for parents of sick children who just like you are sitting right now watching a sick child laying in a hospital bed. 

I have fallen in love with this Sweet Angel Charlotte, even though I never met her, she is dancing in Heaven now and her parents want to help other parents of sick children. 

Hey folks, please vote for my friend CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation/CJ's Meal Fairies awesome idea to change America!

Please click over on the right side of my blog EVERYDAY this month and vote for them!

You can also add a badge to your blog to help them....


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