Friday, January 8, 2010

What a Week!

This has been a week from you know where in our house. Ethan had a great day on Monday at the babysitter's house. I picked him up and fed him dinner and than all you know what broke loose - literally :) He started throwing up and I don't mean just a little bit I mean full on projectile, head spinning out of control throwing up. You get the picture, I'm sure...

He started running a temp and continued throwing up all night. With Ethan anytime that he runs a temp over 101 he has to be seen by his doctor to rule out any infection. So off we went on Tuesday. When we got to the doctor his temp was 103.6 and his heart rate was 186. I began to mentally pack my bags for the hospital. They did blood work and cath to catch his urine and it all came back great. He just has a "virus". Great news! The doctor said that since we were so "aware" and medically "with it" we could take him home but if he got worse we should take him to the ER. Not exactly the title I always wanted growing up but I'll take it.

On Wednesday, he couldn't keep anything down and continued running a temp. He slept a lot and we were giving him enfacare with a medicine dropper to keep him hydrated.

Thursday morning he woke up in a great mood, no fever and hungry as a moose. He ate breakfast, played, ate lunch and I took him to his Neurologist appointment that we had scheduled for 3 months. The neurologist said that even though he very behind developmentally he was glad that was moving along and not going backwards. Good News! He is going to see another Pediatric Neurologist at Children's Hospital who is going to do a test on his brain waves and muscles soon in hopes of a diagnosis. Everything was going great and than after dinner the fever came back strong and so did the throwing up.

So here I sit with a sleeping baby and wishing I could sleep but I am so grateful to have him and am also very sad for a local family that owns Romp & Roll where Anna Claire had her birthday. Their sweet little butterfly died yesterday after a very courageous battle with cancer. Read more about them here. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Now for a smile - how about this GREAT picture that my wonderful babysitter of 9 years took of Ethan...

I could just squeeze these big ole cheeks all day!

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