Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Special Olympics

Now that Ethan is moving around more he loves to "play", he loves the playground especially!

I looked around for some activities that would be a good fit for Ethan and found that Special Olympics has a program for "Young Athletes".  The program is for children with Intellectual and/or physical disabilities who are age 2-7.  The nearest class was 25 minutes from our house.  I knew that in our area we have a lot of children who could benefit from this type of class so I reached out the Special Olympics and learned what needed to be done to get a group up and rolling in Hanover.  One thing I have learned during the last 3.5 years is that if I can't find what Ethan needs I will just jump in and create what he needs!

After some research and begging (just kidding, no begging needed, everyone wanted to help)  I was able to get some great volunteers who are students at VCU studying Physical Therapy to volunteer for a once a month class and American Family graciously allowed us to use their exercise room.

Last month we had our first class and it was a success!!!

Can't wait until April for our next class!  To learn more about Special Olympics find us on facebook at Special Olympics - Young Athletes Hanover County!

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